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Welcome to the official website for the ScorchCrafter DAW Plug-in, an open-source virtual guitar amplifier head with source code available under GPL terms, and the plug-in itself available as a Windows VST and (soon) an AU for Mac.

This software is freely available - If you paid any money for this product, or for a download link, you are the victim of a scam or trick of some kind, and none of what you paid has gone to the people who develop it.  Please note, however, that this software may be distributed with another product (such as being bundled with a computer software magazine publication, for example) without violating the license (The FAQ has more information on this).  If you did get this product from such a third-party source, please be aware it might not be the most recent and up-to-date version.  The latest versions can be downloaded from links from this site and SourceForge.

If, by chance, you don't know what a VST or AU is, or have no idea how a host for such a thing works, or even what DAW software is, you probably wouldn't be able to do anything with this software and wouldn't need to download it (especially if you don't play guitar!).

Feature highlights:
  • 64-bit internal processing multi-stage distortion
  • Two input EQ filters
  • Two stages of output EQ tone stack
  • High-gain and grundge/semi-clean channels
  • Should work on older machines as well, advanced CPU instructions not required (SSE, SSE2, etc.)
  • Independent oversampling controls for both online and offline audio processing
  • Oversampling up to 16x internally, also with "mute" and "bypass" settings
  • Should run in most 32-bit DAW hosts as well (support for v2.4 VSTs required)
  • GPL license only applies to plug-in itself - any audio created is 100% YOURS
  • Runs at sample rates from 44,100 Hz (minimum) up to 768,000 Hz (max can be changed with recompile of source code)
  • Used to be (but is no longer) a closed-source freeware experiment for a long time, now open source starting with version 3.x

This site is rather new, and some of the pages here are temporary and under construction - Please be patient and excuse the mess as it is being built and updated.

For now, if you need to contact the developers, the forum is recommended.

VST PlugIn Interface Technology by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
(This product uses the VST v2.4 SDK.)
VST Technology by Steinberg